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                                         Our beloved trucks shown as they are in their fast and strong state!

VTC Scania Streamliner

Scania Streamliner with Schwarzmüller trailer

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Our story as an Enterprise

After hauling and hauling we decided to create a community an VTC to make people in ETS2 and ATS Warriors with cargo

We have decided to give everyone above the age of 13 to join us and become part of a friendly enviroment community.

Me Fury Amsterdam TSFM Radio presenter has decided to make everyone in the world feel welcome in this community with no exceptions.
We don't care if ur from Barely online, we only care about you as driver and member of the family.

This was made possible by Fury Amsterdam, Thevortexalpha, Mike!

We are Warriors, We are Family, We are Road Warrior Enterprise!

You like our style?

The Goetia Legacy, Helluva Boss emote Server

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